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1. Do I Need To Be Referred by My GP or Doctor?

You do not need to be referred by your GP or another doctor. However, GP’s and emergency room doctors are able to assess you and help stabilise any acute problems. They can guide you as to the urgency of the condition and very often may be able to treat your condition. Some medical aids require that you are referred to us via your GP before they will pay your specialist bills. If you are unsure about referrals, please contact us for clarity. Should your GP refer you to another surgeon you are still welcome to contact us and make an appointment.


2. Do I need to see a physician before having a procedure?

We normally involve a physician in your care if you are having a joint replacement or if you have a significant medical condition. The reason for this is to ensure that you are fit to have the intended surgery. The physician may need to alter your medication to optimise your health before giving you the all-clear for the surgery. The physician would also be involved in your daily care after the operation and so we normally recommend that you see one of the specialists at the hospital where your operation will be performed, but if you would prefer to see your regular physician then this can also be arranged.


3. Do you treat back conditions?

Unfortunately not.  Our orthopaedic interests and training have helped me focus on conditions of the knee and hip. We are more than happy to give our opinion and discuss surgical options for back conditons with our patients, however we do not preform back or neck surgery. Surgery of the back and neck is highly specialised and if you need an operation it should be performed by a surgeon with the appropriate training and experience in this field and who can also understand and interpret potentially costly investigations that may be needed in obtaining an accurate diagnosis. We will refer you to trusted colleagues to assist you further. 

4. What Should I Bring To My Consultation?

You will need to bring your medical aid card and proof of identity. When you phone to book, our secretarial team will advise you on the cost of the consultation and any other possible costs. Please bring some form of payment as consultations and in rooms procedures are payable at the time of consult, to be claimed back from your medical aid.We also suggest that you bring some reading material. While we do attempt to run on time we do get unforeseen delays and occasionally you may have to wait. We do strive to give everyone our undivided attention when we consult with you.

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